Bird Watching

Vestervang is overlooking the Natura 2000 Bird Reserve Bøjden Nor. Famous for its geese, ducks and wild swans. If you are lucky, you might even spot the white-tailed eagle. If you go down our own private path, you will get directly to the main entrance of the reserve. The reserve has two bird-watching huts, of which one accessable by wheelchair.

Life Project Bøjden Nor 2010-2013

The Bøjden Nor reserve has recently purchased 25 ha agricultural land which will be restored as dry grasslands with a positive influence on the vulnarable coastal lagoon habitat status. There will also be build two islands for birds in the lagoon. Beside the many thousands of birds you can spot at the Bøjden Nor, you will also find toads, butterflies and endangered plants.

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