At Vestervang, nature is all around us. From our lounge, you have tremendous views of the Lillebælt and the Bøjden Nor reserve. There are safe beaches just down our path. Close by you will find the steep hills of Svanninge Bakker.

Remnants of the last Ice Age

As the ice melted, it left an outstanding geoligical interesting area. This area is also known for its beautiful beechwoods. Some dotted with large lakes. The many manor houses and castles have large parks and gardens, most of them are accessible for the public. South Funen has an unique archipelago with many small islands. Most of them can be reached by ferry from Faaborg or Svendborg. Or even better, in your own kayak.

Try to get here in the month of May, when all the pink lilac hedges are in full bloom and the whole area smells like heaven.